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CheckPoint provides complete implementation services for Enterprise Performance Management solutions. We specialize in implementing the full Oracle Hyperion suite of products (including Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Essbase).

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Each product contains a specific set of functionality that provides tremendous value. When implemented as a complete suite, these benefits are complimented and expanded, assuming the implementation team understands how to leverage the strengths of each component of the suite. That's where CheckPoint comes in.

We have implemented some of the largest multi-product Oracle Hyperion solutions in the industry and truly understand how each module fits into the overall suite. Our cross-trained consultants - each member of our staff has training and hands-on experience with at least two Hyperion products - know which product and module are best suited to specific requirements. The net result is a cost-effective implementation that maximizes the strengths of each product in the suite from a versatile team.

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